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Melbourne Bird vet
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Melbourne Bird Veterinary Hospital provides treatments to birds, cats, dogs and other pets in Victoria Melbourne. With more than 50 years experience between the two veterinarian partners, Melbourne Bird veterinary Hospital is well equipped to offer outstanding care bird. Dr Phil Sacks And Dr Pat Macwhirter have post graduate and specialist qualifications bird medicine . Our services include full diagnostic and treatment services for dogs and cats as well as specialist facilities for bird patients * Hospitalisation facilities for sick patients, including an extensive range of incubators for sick birds * Separate theatre for sterile surgery * Microsurgical equipment for birds. * X-ray facilities * Rigid endoscopy for birds, * Well equipped in-house laboratory (Dr Phil has post graduate training in clinical pathology) * Dental unit with ultrasonic scaler as well as slow and fast hand pieces beak repair and removing rings from bird legs .


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