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Cancer in Birds

Cancer in birds – How and Why by Dr Phil Sacks BSc BVSc Hons MACVs( Avian Health) -Melbourne Birdvet . A significant percentage of well-cared for parrots, will ultimately die of cancer. The reason being is that they are living longer and cancer occurs more frequently in older birds. Some of the reasons for the longevity include : Protection from the dangers of climatic extremes and predation, approppiate diets, regular health checks, preventative and prophylactic treatments . Pet birds are living average life spans many times more than their wild counterparts and are often living about twice as long as pet birds a decade ago. This contrasts significantly with “wild” free roaming birds that have significantly shorter lifespans. As an example we saw 2 cockatiels over 20 years old and a budgerigar over 15 years old last week.


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